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Teaching a Solid Foundation: Homeschooling with a Biblical Worldview – Renton Rathbun, Part 1

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"Holiness being set apart so that we might be able to imitate God." - Renton Rathbun

Discover the power of a biblical worldview with host Yvette Hampton and guest Renton Rathbun on this episode of the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast. Dive into the importance of aligning ourselves with God's Word, defending the truth, and teaching our children to love and appreciate God's law. Learn how to navigate the challenges of secular culture, universities, and media while instilling a biblical worldview in your homeschooling journey. Tune in for insightful discussions and practical tips to equip you and your family in the pursuit of biblical truth.

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Teaching a Solid Foundation: Homeschooling with a Biblical Worldview – Renton Rathbun, Part 1

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Renton Rathbun has been a classroom teacher for over two decades. His teaching experience has included both secular and Christian colleges and universities. He and his wife homeschooled their son, Daniel who is now an adult. Renton has spoken for Homeschool venues such as the Foundations Summit, the Canadian Homeschool Symposium, Teach Them Diligently, The Great Homeschool Convention, Rocky Mountain Homeschool Convention, and others. Renton holds a BS in English Education and an MA in interpretative speech from Bob Jones University. He has also received an MFA in creative writing from Minnesota State University, an MA in philosophy from the University of Toledo, a ThM from Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, and has a PhD in apologetics from Westminster Theological Seminary. Renton serves as the Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview.

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Discussion Questions:

  1. How does Renton define a biblical worldview, and why does he believe it is important for Christians to align themselves with it?
  2. What are some of the challenges that homeschooling families face in maintaining a biblical worldview, especially when it comes to teaching certain subjects or addressing secular influences?
  3. How does Renton explain the role of apologetics in defending a biblical worldview? Do you agree with his perspective? Why or why not?
  4. What are some of the ways that the secular world, particularly through social media and media platforms, influences children and adults to question or reject their faith? How can homeschooling provide a safeguard against these influences?
  5. In what ways does Renton criticize the approach of certain Christian universities when it comes to maintaining a biblical worldview? Do you think there is a balance that can be struck between academic freedom and teaching a biblical worldview? Why or why not?
  6. Yvette mentions the significance of starting with the Word of God and teaching academics through the lens of Scripture. How can this approach shape a child's understanding and application of a biblical worldview?
  7. Renton highlights the power of home worship in reinforcing the importance of a biblical worldview. How can families incorporate worship into their homeschooling routine to strengthen their faith and understanding of God's Word?
  8. What steps can homeschooling parents take to ensure they are using curriculum that aligns with a biblical worldview? How can they evaluate and select resources that will effectively teach and reinforce biblical principles?

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