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Sanity Savers for Homeschool Moms – Kristi Clover, Part 1

"When I'm feeling stressed, it's usually the Lord saying, 'You're trying to do this on your own, and you can't." ~ Kristi Clover

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Yvette Hampton sits down with Kristi Clover, a veteran homeschool mom of five and author. Kristi shares invaluable tips and "sanity savers" for homeschool moms, covering everything from morning routines to prayer and worship. Discover how to stay organized, manage your homeschooling day effectively, and keep your sanity intact. 

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Come back tomorrow and Thursday for the rest of this conversation with Kristi Clover.

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Discussion Questions:

1. What are some specific challenges homeschool moms face in balancing their multiple roles, as mentioned by Yvette and Kristi?

2. Kristi emphasized the importance of a morning routine. How does she suggest managing the mayhem of the mornings to ensure a smoother homeschooling day?

3. Kristi mentioned the concept of keeping “your knees dirty.” Why does she prioritize prayer, and how does it impact her approach to homeschooling and family life?

4. How does Kristi use timers and alarms to help manage her day effectively? Can you share any examples of how this might work in a typical day?

5. Kristi and Yvette discussed the importance of worship and listening to worship music. What role does worship play in maintaining sanity for homeschool moms?

6. Discuss how Kristi prepares for the next day the night before. What are some practical steps she takes, and how do they contribute to a better morning routine?

7. What is the significance of letting children see their parents engage in spiritual disciplines like prayer and Bible reading, according to Kristi?

8. Kristi suggests breaking down homeschool tasks into "independent work" and "mom work." How can this strategy improve the efficiency of a homeschooling day?

9. How do Kristi's routines and planning reflect her personality, and how does she adapt these routines to different situations or seasons of life?

10. Kristi talks about the importance of being prepared for potential interruptions in the day. How can having a plan B, C, or even D help homeschool moms stay flexible yet structured?

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