Monday Jun 12, 2023

Raising Adults Who Ask The Right Questions - Jonathan Brush, Part 1

As parents, it's critical to remember that we're not just raising children. Our parenting efforts have to be focused, ultimately, on raising up Godly Adults.

Jonathan Brush, President of Unbound, joins Yvette Hampton to talk about how teaching our kids to ask the right questions, do REAL things, understand God, ourselves, and others, live well, and thrive.

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Raising Adults Who Ask The Right Questions - Jonathan Brush on the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast

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In this interview Jonathan discusses the following topics:

  • Why education and what it means to be educated has fundamentally changed, and what it means for how we prepare students for the future
  • What it means to live in a questions-based paradigm
  • The most important academic skill
  • Why our "knowledge based economy" actually has little to do with academics
  • The key transferable skills students need to understand to be successful in any career
  • How to teach our children how to truly thrive

A first generation homeschool graduate, the President and CEO of Unbound, and homeschool dad of six, Jonathan Brush has spoken for over a decade to parents, students, and groups across the country about effectively preparing young adults for life, the excitement and adventure of raising a family, maximizing higher education options, and how to be extraordinary at ordinary things. With a fresh, enthusiastic speaking approach, he consistently provides new perspective, practical advice, and honest hope to audiences of varied ages and backgrounds. Jonathan worked for nine years as a Director of Admissions for a private liberal arts college and has since worked in non-traditional higher education for over a decade. Jonathan and his family make their home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

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ADULT (acromym) (Ask, Do, Understand, Live, Thrive) framework for learning. Overview of framework. The following topics are all focused on one aspect of the framework.

Ask - Why we now live in a questions-based paradigm instead of an answers based paradigm. Learning has fundamentally changed. AI is going to make that change even more radical. What does it mean to be educated in a questions based world with AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Do - Why actually doing real things is more important than ever. The "knowledge based economy" is actually far less academic than most people realize. Deloitte says the top five skills for employees are communication, problem solving, analytical skills, customer service, and leadership. Traditional academics only addresses one of those skills. New studies ( say Americans see practical skills as the "number one priority for education outcomes." What does this mean for how we prepare our children for the future?

Understand - Our lives are best understood in the context of a story (creation, fall, redemption, restoration). A story isn't told all at once, it's told chapter by chapter, and characters in stories don't understand the entire story in the first (or second, third, or fourth) chapter. So, why do we expect our children to know the entire rest of their story by 18 so they can pick the right career, major, and college to be sure they are "successful?" This is madness. We should be teaching our children that their are certain broad categories of strengths that can be learned and are transferable (create, connect, coordinate), and that their are broad categories in every team of people (vision, operations, storytelling). Teaching students their natural strengths (and how to changes those strengths if desired) and helping them understand what part of the team they prefer to work on is far more useful for preparing them for a professional and personal life in a technology disrupted world than blind major picking.

Live - To live well means to understand reality and how to actually make a difference in the world. Unfortunately, our culture, and often the church, refuses to teach (or even acknowledge) reality and tells young people that to make a difference in the world they have to be famous, wealthy, or powerful. This is disastrous and leads to adults with no resilience who quickly move from cynicism to bitterness and despair as they realize that becoming famous, rich, and powerful is extremally difficult so they lose all hope of making a difference. People who really understand reality are resilient people, and changing the world is a available to anyone who will commit to being extraordinary at ordinary things.

Thrive - What does it mean to thrive? It means understanding that you're not God so rest isn't optional, and that nothing in the topics above matters unless it is understood in the context of relationships. A relationship with the One who made you, and relationships with fellow image bearers.


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