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July 7, 2021

Is My Family OK? Michelle Nietert, Part 2

Some might say that we are living through difficult times. Some hold to the fact that life could be much more difficult. I suppose it depends on your perspective. But, as 2020/2021 has brought unprecedented circumstances to all of our lives, many kids and parents alike have had to work through the curve balls life has thrown at us and what the future might look like for our families. Though we know that the Lord is sovereign in all things, many are struggling to navigate through these trying times.

Yvette Hampton talks with Michelle Nietert, author, speaker, and Clinical Director of Community Counseling Associates in Dallas, TX, about how to help our kids manage difficult emotions, warning signs to look for, and 5 ways homeschooling moms can protect their own mental health.

Come back tomorrow for the conclusion of this discussion.

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Michelle Nietert on the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast

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Michelle Nietert, LPC-S is an author, speaker, and Clinical Director of Community Counseling Associates in Dallas, TX. She is also an Eating Disorder Specialist treating children, a high-conflict divorce expert, Parent Facilitator, and Reunification Therapist. She has appeared on ABC-Dallas and Crosswalk encouraging parents through our COVID-19 crisis. She also lent her mental health and parenting expertise as co-author of Loved & Cherished, a devotional for tween girls. Connect with Michelle on Instagram where she shares mental health tips.

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