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June 22, 2020

Brook Wayne - I Don’t Have the Patience to Homeschool, Part 1

Many moms feel like they don't have enough patience to home educate their children. What do you do when your worst fears are confirmed, and you realize you don't have enough patience to continue homeschooling? Join Yvette Hampton as she speaks with Brook Wayne about what patience is, what it isn't, where it comes from, and how to grow and thrive in the pressure cooker of mothering.


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Brook Wayne is a homeschooled graduate and homeschooling mother of ten. She is a co-author of Pitchin’ a Fit:, Overcoming Stressed out and Angry Parenting. Brook encourages moms to love their children and connect deeply with their families, even in the midst of busy family life. She is a co-founder of Family Renewal Ministries, inspiring families to become "a people prepared for the Lord."

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Brook Wayne - I don't have the Patience to Homeschool - Interview Video 

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